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With the right adviser, finding affordable, flexible benefit plans that work for everyone can be a tranquil experience.... 

Why this matters...

Your employees play a crucial role in your company’s growth. As such, investing in their health and future is essential. Having a solid employee benefit package will help you with attracting qualified candidates and retaining personnel. We at JSA Group LLC understand this and offer to assist you in creating plans that work for you and your workforce, both now and moving forward.

Solutions That change the game....

Individual Coverage HRA

Health Access Solutions


Direct Primary Care


ModRN Health - A nurse available for your healthcare needs



Any DPC of your choice

Health Matching Accounts

How we can help you....

Whether you are exploring how you can offer benefits for the first time or you have offered them for years and want to take a fresh approach, we can help.  Instead of the traditional benefit packages you are used to seeing, here are some of the partners and solutions that allow us to bring innovative ideas to you.  Please browse and use the links under each category to learn more.  Contact us by clicking on the button below to begin your journey toward a benefit package that works for both you and your employees.

We specialize in helping you provide flexible, affordable benefit packages to your employees. Our professionals listen carefully to you in order to find the best solutions for the issues concerning you most

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